We are the coniferous lumber supplier from Russia.

Our company,located at Kirov region, is a logging license holder and the sawmill factory ,that gives more opportunities for lumber deliveries. The average annual volume of only legal wood harvesting is about 20,000 cubic meters per year.


Producer and exporter of sawn timber from Russia. Multimodal shipping worldwide by sea, railway,motor transport.Personal railroad station at the factory,minimum order volume for coniferous sawn timber from Russia is from 2 pcs of 20′ DC / 40′ DC, or one truck. Our general customers are located at: China , Germany, Israel,  Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Serbia, Hungary, Italy, Azerbaijan, Georgia , Turkey, Moldova,Turkmenistan,Tajikistan

Sawn timber From Russia
lumber from Russia of the highest quality from the exporter

Product quality

Ideal geometry

Disk sawing

Hand sorting  

Chamber drying

German equipment

Coniferous and deciduous species

The insulated bottle bag

Own Park of logging equipment


We form batches of any quality in agreement with the customer

sizes & humidity


The volume of single loading of drying chambers is 700 m3. Usually humidity of  ready to ship timber is  about 18%


Sawn timber (pine, spruce) produced at our factory have a large variety of lengths, from 3.0 to 6.0 meters, width from 100 to 200 mm, height from 16 to 150 mm.

Sawn timber From Russia

Why should you choose us?

Sawn timber From Russia

Fast customs clearance

Our customs specialists have many years of experience in export clearance

Sawn timber From Russia

Warehouse capabilities

Covered warehouse provides additional opportunities to accumulate the necessary cargo

Sawn timber From Russia

We are direct producer

Our buyers do not overpay to Resellers

Sawn timber From Russia

Personal approach

We produce lumber of any standard size, but we can also produce lumber of any required size.

Sawn timber From Russia

Operative delivery

A fleet of our own trucks ensures timely delivery to the terminal or port

Sawn timber From Russia

Safety payment

Security of transactions is provided by the Bank

softwood sawn and planed timber

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